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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Lake Simcoe Public School Staff List 2021-22

PrincipalR. Perry
Vice-PrincipalT. Cave
SASEL. Sawyer
Clerk/StenoC. Devitt
Custodians                            D.Youkhana, K. Celsie

T. Ballantyne and J. Roos, H. Ellis and J. Paolucci, N. Dituri and D. Allen, R. Rumsey and J. de Peuter, B. Brindley and A. Knack
Grade 1
K. Miller, K. Preston, A. Brooke-Bisschop
Grade 2
S. Bowes, C. Johnson, K. Astill
Grade 3
T. Zufelt, T. Froome
Grade 4
C. Ellingson, W. Johnson
Grade 5
T. McDonnell, T. Kearney
Grade 6
T. Kearney, S. Iu, B. Wilson, M. Killin
Grade 7
N. Khan, M. Zoltak
Grade 8
M. Patey, A. Cotton
SERTK. Lindros-Ivey, M. Shanks
FrenchM. Ward, E. Duval
H. Yates
Planning Time
N. Ellis-Davis, S. Mark, R. Devillers
M. Bransfield
R. Moody, E. MacKinnon, S. Zaharuk, L. Fisher, J. Banico